Today Is Shit

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So really when one looks at it, everyday is a fucked up day for someone. Sometimes the universe decides to give you a day off; though you are in so much shock that your day was not going to be fucked up, that of course you fuck it somehow, as if your subconscious is having a little fun with you. Screw you subconscious! The subconscious has always been an evil and mischievous place for me.

So I knew immediately today should be an easy day. I checked all social media, washed dishes, ran errands and them bad, it hits, today sucks ass! Now ladies and germs, nothing had gone wrong but by noon, yet I knew this day was going to be hell to pay for. I could take my time explaining the finer inter works that went into it, but I dare not bore you. I will allow you this briefly: It is only a little after 6PM, and I need to meditate and work through all of the nothingness that occurred today.