…Rose Colored Glasses

Image result for broken rose colored glasses

I’m living in a pit of endless shit

You call me “mate” but you give me hate

When you need a dollar, you give me a holla

When you don’t need jack, stab me in the back

I once knew a man who meant what he said

But the assholes beat him and now he’s dead

What’s the goddamn use when the world’s gone mad

When you trust a friend but you’ve just been had

When the shit-heads far outnumber the wise

When a man can’t look you square in the eyes

I bought a pair of rose colored glasses

But all I saw were rose colored asses

The thing that really gives me the blues

Is scraping bullshit off my shoes

There’s no nice ending to this rhyme

I can’t find one, and I’m out of time

This little ditty is a collaboration from a poet friend and I.