Rejection/Being Told No

We all learn early from life that there are two things that will experience. You will be told no and rejected more times than one would like in a lifetime. How many times have you been rejected by men, women, jobs, art you created, and the list can go on and on. Even your body rejects certain things you love. For example, I love alcohol, and I feel like it is my friend. But my body has finally started rejecting the drinking. So my body rejected me and made me give up a super friend, alcohol.

It all starts during your childhood. it starts almost as soon as you realize you have arms and hands and feet. You here nothing but no from the time you were born until about age four. The no side and all the no’s that came to you all were bombardments of seeming to have a negative perspective on everything. It;s as parents and all those that touch the life of a child and an adolescent Children came become timid as they develop. Not all children, but a majority. From the toddler years and through the high school years, kids are taught that disappointment and rejection is a part of this world. These children grow into cowering beasts afraid of everything, but mostly rejection. Into adolescents, where these kids are becoming their own person. They start rebelling against no and rejection. They are angry and self-serving. But they become adults and there is no more no’s and rejection from your parents, teachers, family, doctors, etc…

Whether not it is college or just getting job after high school is a person’s first real experience they have with rejection. It could be you fucked by a professor or someone you are interested in who turns you down for a date, or even job rejection. Most people if not all have gone through this process. Sometimes we struggle and sometimes we take it as a learning experience. But we all learn to accept rejection and being told no. However, it does not make it easier. Sometimes it breaks people. Sometimes it makes people stronger. The Chaos theory proves there is no way to know which way you are going to go.

I have recently been full on rejected. For eight weeks I lived in hell not wanting to except the rejection. What a fool. But being rejected isn’t easy in any format. I am over denial now and I am working through the steps of grieving, much like death. I am no longer going to let this rejection control my life. That is easier said than done. It takes a strong amount of self confidence and mindfulness. It takes even more to have those two attributes.

In the end, no matter what no you were told or who rejected you, it comes down to one thing: It is not how you fall, but how you pick yourself up again. I am doing my best to oick myself up in teh right way. In a way that I will succeed. There is no recipe, just trail and error. I know it will get easier, but right now it doesn’t feel like it.

I wish you all the best…..feel free to subscribe or share or both. Comments welcome.

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