I know that many of us would love to have Trump impeached. And it is not to say that I personally or many of you out there want Mike Pence in office, but he seems to be more reasonable, but still evangelical.

So I have my perspective on the situation as all of us do on both sides of the road. However, a friend pointed something out to me that I had not really thought about. Let us say that we do bring Trump up for impeachment. One would think it would be an easy process. Even the republicans can not stand him, and some are out right leaving the party.

But it is not going to be that easy. I am all sure that you remember the Clinton years. They were great years. However, Clinton got himself into a little trouble concerning a dress, a blow job, and a cigar. The evidence went beyond circumstantial. Yet his popularity, and a majority house and senate kept him from impeachment. He is one of the most beloved presidents in the history of the United States.

With that being said, lets just think about Trump. There is enough evidence, not even including his stupidity, to bury him, making the world a better place. Trump is no Clinton, but if he is tried for impeachment and wins, Trump will become a god of the right and if he is impeached, he becomes a martyr for the right. People will change their minds. Trump supporters that we never knew existed will come crawling out of the wood work.

If Trump is reelected, our nation will be on its last leg. We will crash and burn. We will not be the proud and powerful United States. We will be weak, and if another country wants to take us, they will. What is even scarier is that this country is on the brink of civil war. Alabama and Georgia have passed the strictest and scariest abortion laws since the 1950’s.

I thought that the Supreme Court settled this issue with Roe versus Wade. Southern states are beginning the same process that they did over 150 years ago. This issue is going to come down to State’s rights. Our centralized government is weak. The Supreme Court is not stacked in our favor. As a woman, this scares the shit out of me. But what scares me most is this state versus federal law.

Something needs to be radically changed. We are the land of the free, and we are losing our freedoms everyday. Soon, we will have nothing left to loose and we as a people will have no choice but to ban together and fight the evil that is lurking behind every corner and shadow. I do not want that life.

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