This Makes Me Angry

Alabama passed a law today that almost removes the right to get an abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Did the Supreme Court already rule on this back in the day? Roe versus Wade. Next to Mississippi, Alabama is the most ass backward state in the Union. Check out this article to get the low down. All you have to do is click the link!

One thought on “This Makes Me Angry

  1. I had to move to Mississippi to take care of my stepdad. I hated having to come here, but I love my stepdad, and he needs me. Having said that, as an intuitive empath, I sense that most people in this very small, very white town have no opinion about me being here other than the typical, “I don’t think she’s from around here” vibe. Others give me that “Well, at least she’s not BLACK” vibe, which is bad enough, but the “She might as well be black, and I’ll bet she’s a liberal piece of shit” vibe is the worst. I swear, they glare at me. Mississippi is like another planet to me, the product of a diverse city like New Orleans. It’s scary. As for Alabama, my Alabama cousins are blocking me one after another on Facebook because they love Trump and are still strict Catholics who are probably very happy about the abortion restrictions. All of this makes me very angry, too.


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