Technology and the World Today

Once upon a time a pencil, a chalkboard and even the eraser were all considered technology, but globally we all know technology rules the earth. Technology is killing us. We are no longer radical thinkers unless one is arguing politics or religion. We do not communicate verbally or tangibly. Everyone wants to sit on their phones, laptops, and any other piece of modern technology. No one wants to go visit anyone. We have our food delivered and someone shops for our groceries. The stupid question is why would one want to leave the comfort of their home when they can just Face time friends and loved ones. People have become too comfortable and too sedentary in their lives. When is the last time you sat down and had a conversation with a relative or friend in person, within touching distance? I am guilty as sin. I prefer to stay in my room with my things. When I close the door, I close out the demands that the world makes of me. I am selfish.

Still, we are very lucky here in America. We have freedom of speech and press. We can say or do whatever we want. I can look Trump straight in the face and call him a fat ignorant jackass if I want. But others around the world are not as lucky as we are. In some countries, using technology in ways that the government disapproves off can bring a person prison, flogging, stoning or even a worse death. Some countries like China, Russia, and North Korea not only monitor all traffic on the internet, but they will sometimes shut down all the internet access in the country. I am not stupid enough to believe that my government isn’t monitoring me. It is the way the world is going. The difference is that my government may be listening, but if I don’t say bomb, I am good to go.

This world has become a horrible and intolerable place. I share in the nationalism of my fellow citizens, but it makes no difference. Globally, we are a fucked. Society is breaking down everywhere. Courts and governments around the globe are tightening down and being overly strict where the law is concerned. It would seem that people in the government are making us less freer everyday. There is no balance left, just paranoia. Blind justice no longer rings true in this or any other country.

In conclusion, the universe has left us flailing. Humans have single handedly destroyed our humanity and are succeeding at destroying all that is left for us: Earth. Its our world. No one belongs under a dictatorship. Evil comes in so many forms that it is sometimes hard to recognize, kind of like not being able to see the forest because of the trees. Wake up world, it is time to take back our countries, our land, and the freedom that all should have.

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