Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose

The title is an oldie but goodie. Most of you remember Janice Joplin bellowing out, or maybe you heard it in Kris Kristofferson.

But in this day and time I think it applies to not only ourselves in the United States, but to every country around the globe. It does’t matter about first world or third world, we are all humans. Where is the humanity anymore?

Without trying to sound condescending, I find that I am more intelligent that the average citizen. It is hard for me not to ridicule the masses and their lack of responsibility. It used be Generation X were the do nothing generation. But what we see today are the millennials, humans brought up in a time where technology always existed, digital natives if you will. Poor them. It doesn’t give them the right to live at home till they are 30. It is great that they mobilize young Americans, and care about saving the earth; however, I and scared shitless that they will be leading this country one day, which technically not bad considering who is running things now.

Unfortunately it is not just the millennials that are making a mess of things. Alabama just made abortion illegal. Why are women’s rights being filleted in both the federal and state arenas. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a card carrying member of the feminist party, but I do believe in equal rights for everyone, not just the white people, or the rich, EVERYONE!

In conclusion, I do feel like “freedom is just another word for nothing to loose”. We are losing our rights daily. I  love my country, but I would rather live in Shetland.

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